Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Love Myself

When we talk about Source energy we are talking about that high vibrational frequency of purity that does not contain the resistance that you can find along your physical trail. Source is expanding from what you are living. Source is not a static state of being that achieved perfection and now is working with you to bring you up to speed with it. Source is expanding in its perfection through those like you. The contrast you experience allows you to become more, and then its your work to get up to speed with that. Source sees you and only feels appreciation for that which you are, regardless of the condition that you are living because Source is so practiced in this condition of well- being, that the condition you are currently living does not dissuade it from its knowledge of well-being.

Unconditional love is staying in the vibration of Source, regardless of the condition. Conditional love says “ I want to feel good. When I see this I do, when I see that I don’t, so in order for me to feel better, the condition has to change.” Unconditional love says “ I am Source. I am Love, regardless of the conditions. That’s why man translates that to say that God is Love or God loves all. You are all reaching for Unconditional love. You want to be tuned in , tapped in, turned on to who you are and living in this world. It’s the best of everything. To be in this world, mixing it up, getting new ideas, coming into alignment with it. The only freedom you will ever find is the freedom from the bondage of resistance. What resistance is , is not allowing yourself to be who you really are. All pain and suffering is about diverging from who you really are. All joy and alignment is about coming into frequency with who you really are. Love is the absence of resistance. Love is vibrational alignment with that which is Source. Unconditional love is vibrational alignment with Source, even when there is something that I don’t want happening. I am so aware of the permeating well-being of this Universe that even in death, you come back into full vibrational alignment. The worst thing that can ever happen to anyone is that they get out of range of Source, so they can’t feel Source, but that doesn’t mean that Source ceases beaming, it always is, it means they are on a frequency where they can’t see it or feel it.

“What words can you offer us, to allow us to put how we feel above what others are thinking or doing in relation to us?”

I love you so much I don’t care what you think.

Think about what that is saying. I so care about being in vibrational alignment with who I am. If I am in vibrational alignment with who I am, then I have love to give. If I am catering to what you want, rather than to my own guidance, then I’m not tuned in , tapped in , turned on and I have nothing to give. I love you so much I don’t care what you think.

Or, love you so much, I must tune to the Source within me. I can’t tune to the Source within me and what you want at the same time. Don’t make me choose between alignment with Source and what you think you want in this moment. If you will allow me, or whether you do or not, to align with who I am , then I can shine the energy of Source upon you and you will thrive. If you convince me that I should cater to you rather than align with who I am, then I’ll be out here on the raw and ragged edge with you and we’ll just fight it out and blame each other for how bad we feel. I love you so much, I don’t care how you think.
When you get there and can deliver that with a straight face, you’ll have it. It goes like this. I love you so much I don’t care what you think. “What do you mean?” Well, you think I’m wrong. In order to love you, I must know that I am Source. I can’t know that I’m Source and know that I’m wrong at the same time. In order to love you, I have to be in alignment with Source. When I’m in alignment with Source, I don’t care what you think. In other words, it’s solid. It’s hard to get others to hear it. You know how irrational people are when they are in the raw and ragged edge. You can’t get sick enough to help sick people get well. Yet, you think you can get disconnected enough to help disconnected people be connected. And you can’t. You can only help people align with Source, from your vantage point of being aligned with Source. You can’t be aligned with Source and catering to what they think at the same time.

Maybe there are other words that would be better. I love you so much I don’t care how you think. That’s our first choice. I see you as you really are, not as you are being in this moment. I know the power of your being and I know the reason you are so upset right now is because right now you are not allowing yourself to be the brilliant, beautiful tuned in, tapped in, turned on person that I fell in love with to begin with. If you don’t mind, I’m going to go away and I’m going to hold the thought of who you really are rather than wallow with you in this disconnected state. Getting better. How about this? I’ve seen you in your alignment and I’ve seen you not in your alignment and I like you best when you are in your alignment. When I am in my alignment, it doesn’t matter. That’s good too. When I’m tuned in, tapped in, turned on, you can be any way you want to be, because my love for you is unconditional. I am no longer going to hold you responsible for how I feel. I’m in charge of how I feel. What freedom. I so know that that I don’t have to ask the same back from you. That was good too.

I’m so good at unconditional love, that I don’t need you to know how to do it. Think about what we are saying here. I’m tuned in, tapped in, turned on. I’ve thriving no matter what you do. You’re not the boss of me. I am . I have the ability to align with Source, regardless of the conditions that surround me. I get unconditional love.

You get it that you are Source energy in physical bodies. You get it that you have come here with purpose and that purpose is joyous expansion. You never get it done and you can’t get it wrong because you never get it done. In the feeling of wrongness you are giving birth to an opinion of what would be righter. The Source within you so trusts your opinion of what would be better for you that the Source within you embraces that idea completely and becomes the vibrational equivalent to it and holds steady there until you find your way there. There is a deliciousness of releasing resistance through what you call your death experience. You can also release resistance through meditation, quieting the mind, appreciation. You have to be somewhere in the vibrational vicinity of appreciation to release resistance. With every feeling of relief that you find, as you make your way up the emotional scale, there is the releasing of resistance. Every effort that you make to release a little resistance, is really worth the effort. In time, because of the vastness and variety of your life, the subjects that are active and alive in your now are enough for you to release all resistance that you have accumulated over a life time. You don’t have to go back and make peace with some wrong doing that happened 20 years ago or 30 years ago or yesterday. You don’t have to go back and fix all of those things. Whatever is active in your vibration now is bringing you current, active, real life poignant, meaningful, now matches. You are attracting vibrational evidence that shows you what you are doing. What you are living and the way it is playing out is your vibrational indicator. What’s going on in your body, is just an indicator of your vibration. What’s happening in your life in terms of relationship is just a vibrational indicator, the money in your bank account, is just a vibrational indicator. Everything that is manifested. The car that you are driving, the house that you are living in, the clothes that you are wearing, The condition of your body. Everything about your life is a vibrational indicator. Those indications are being shown to you all day , every day , in the emotion that you feel. If you leave here, with one decision within you, and it goes like this, I now understand the importance of recognizing how I feel, I do care about feeling as good as I can feel about that and that and that. Say somebody you love tells you a lie and it hits you hard. You think, they shouldn’t lie to me, they should trust me more. I wish they wouldn’t lie. Then you try to wrestle them to the ground to figure out why they are lying. You try to figure out where the lie started. The motive of the lying. All you do is get yourself in a scramble. You can’t begin to understand it or to sort it out. You can recognize that your attention to this subject is causing you discomfort right here and right now. You could choose a better feeling thought.

When you think, this is a person that I really love and it really doesn’t matter what they are doing. It only matters how I feel about them. I need not ask them to behave in certain ways in order to love them because I am one who offers unconditional love. As you work your way through issue after issue with person after person and subject after subject, before you know it, within one or two or three days , certainly within 4 or 5 and absolutely within 30 you will have had enough real life experiences show you the vibrational evidence of what is going on with your vibration that you can clean it all up. By clean it up, we mean, find a better feeling thought, find a better feeling thought, find a better feeling thought. Do you know that you are 30 days or less from being a vibrational match to the Source that is really you , to the reason that you were born, to the living of the joyous life experience that you have come to live, to being the vibrational match to what is in your vibrational escrow? Do you know how close you are in terms of time to have everything , so far, that life has caused you to want? It’s such a short distance. It just requires some caring about how you feel and a willingness to deliberately move yourself up the emotional scale. Back into vibrational alignment with who you really are. As you do that, you’ll see the world a little more, through the eyes of Source. You will then revel in your Beingness and that of others and you will feel pride and worth beyond physical description. You will begin to express to others that I have come forth with great reason, for joyous expansion and I wish that for all. There is great love here for you.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Method2 in Money Making

Affiliate Programs

I love this so much as it is too simple and it is free. All you need to do just get people to register and you get paid for it, registration is FREE. You register for Free and get someone to register for Free and every
one starts to make money .. just awesome. I do advice you to create your own landing page just for this program, this is what I have done when I register with Affiliate Junktion.

Leads Per Day Earnings Per Day Earnings Per Month
25 $50 $1,520
75 $150 $4,562
150 $300 $9,126
300 $600 $18,250

Leads are number of people register to your Affiliate Junktion (AJ) .. AJ pays $2 per lead with the amount of only 25 new registration per day .. well you are on your way of making $1,520 on the 1st month. To have a website .. well as you register with AJ, it will offer you a hosting company as host to your website .. if you not fimiliar with the jargon hosting is where you need to park your website as it can't just be floating.

This is what you need to do after you have register with AJ:
  1. Register a domain (your website name/address) .. it is good to have it name something fimiliar and relating to your content .. example:, .. well you have the idea. It makes your website easier to find by web surfers.
  2. As AJ guarantee $150 daily income for you but you need to read the terms and comdition on how to achieve this .. well basically you need to do everything that AJ advice.
  3. You be given a step by step guideline; follow it but I still will go through it here in my own understanding .. hehehehe .. hope you could understand em.
  4. Setting up your website; choose the template that you wanna from AJ web builder, download the index.html. Most are basic designs but enough to capture audience, once you are fimiliar with the web builder software that being provided by your hosting account, you may do some upgrading to it. A video tutorial on how to install that template can be found at AJ's Getting Started page.
  5. Once your website is up and running .. need to get people to start viewing your landing page. The more people view your webpage .. the more chances of someone to signup.
  6. Two basic ways of getting your traffic .. Adwords and Miva .. well both you be getting free credits. I do recommend do the Adwords 1st as you be getting free $75 credits. You need to go a bit of research on the keywords that relevant to your domain address and is a big hit among surfers. Start with the Starter Package as it is easier and register for the Google Analytical as well as you need to see how successful is your keywords. This book is highly recommended by most successful affiliaters;

You are now on the way of making that money rolling into your account .. just keep track on Adwords as you may need to try with different advertisements.

Other Affiliates Program that you may wanna to have are:

When someone uses Ipower as a host .. you be paid for it be continue .. I will add few more links that worth looking at ..

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Method1 in Making Money

Direct Income - Advertising

The very basic of making money is by posting advertisements on your blogspot. Most are free and paying you as people start to purchase stuff. What kinda advert that you wanna post on your blogspot? For sure it has to be relating with what ever you been bla bla about .. If you talk about food and you may wanna to advertise about restaurants or recipes. Where can you get this kinda advertisement? ClickBank is the first that I wanna touch.

Advertising with ClickBank is fairly easy, just register, once your account is up go to the marketplace and look for what you are interested, and create a hoplink. That will be your links that you wanna others to click on and if sales are made from that link .. well ClickBank will pay you. Sound easy .. ya it is easy. You can try and advertise every single thing that you can think of but if too much advertisement well that will just make people stop reading your blog.

Google Adsense another free advertisement, but you are not to choose the content .. Google will determine what kinda advert to be posted on your blogspot based on what you been bla bla. As you are not incontrol what being advertise on your blogspot, sometimes it kinda irritating to have it on your page, then again how would you know what kinda advert people wanna see. We came across this once a while, while walking in the shopping mall looking for dress suddenly you feel like eating. Mmmm .. so why not having Adsense on your page.

Get Chitika Premium

Chitika eminimall just like Adsense but you have a better control on what you wanna to advertise on your blog. You have a better sense to targeted audience and giving them choices that you deem related to your blog.

Payment is on a ‘per click’ basis (referred to as CPC or ‘cost per click’ ads). Contextual ads suit blogs that have a particular niche topic, especially if it has some sort of commercial angle (ie it has products and services associated with it). They are not so good with ‘general’ type blogs (ie many topics) and/or political/spiritual blogs which argue just one side of a case. The amount of cash you can get from this varies .. as certain product will give you a different profit sharing, look at the offers closely as you do not wanna to advertise something which do not give much return.

Many more direct advertising that are available ..

LinkShare  Referral  Prg